Abbott Valley proudly offers the most up-to-date vaccine protocols for puppies, kittens and adult dogs and cats with particular emphasis on the latest guidelines and emerging diseases. We tailor each patient’s vaccine program according to their lifestyle.

Our in-house laboratory allows quick blood analysis for critical patient care. For less urgent patients we use accredited outside veterinary diagnostic laboratories. We often have results within 24 hours to help us manage your pets care as efficiently as possible.

All radiology services including interpretation are done at our facility. We offer diagnostic digital xray services for general medicine and dentistry. We also have an outside boarded Radiologist available for remote consultation.

Medicine/Cardiology –One of our strengths at the Center is our interest and skill in handling more complex veterinary conditions such as Diabetes, Cushing’s Disease, Addison’s Disease and Epilepsy. We enjoy working with clients whose pets require more complex and interdisciplinary care. We also offer in-house weekly cardiology services with a boarded specialist for more complex cardiology case management.

Several of our doctors have special interest in managing skin problems and allergies. We are proud to offer the highest standard dermatology diagnostics, treatment and long term care for pets
with acute and chronic skin conditions.

Our veterinary staff can diagnose and treat ocular disease during 
physical exams such as corneal ulcers, uveitis, indolent ulcers, “Cherry Eye” and others. We offer Tonometry for measuring intraocular pressures for the early diagnosis of Glaucoma. We also offer advanced surgical management for non-healing corneal ulcers.

We offer diagnostic and chemotherapeutic care for several types of cancer. We also have access to phone consultations with the Tufts Cummings School of Veterinary Medicine Oncology Staff.

We offer advanced dental prophylaxis and treatment with our state of the art equipment including digital dental x-rays. We use the latest techniques to help maintain your pets oral health as well as skilled pain and surgical management for more complex oral and dental diseases.

Our staff is skilled in elective (spays and neuters) and non-elective surgery including tumor removals, ACL repairs, intestinal and bladder surgery. For more complex surgical cases we have a boarded veterinary surgeon, Dr. David Clark, who schedules procedures at our practice on an as-needed basis.

When general anesthesia is required for your pet every precaution is taken to ensure safe induction, monitoring and recovery. In order to minimize any risk we recommend pre-anesthestic blood testing which can help detect any underlying disease that might complicate your pets recovery.

We offer excellent nursing care and extended stay services for those 
pets requiring hospitalization for a procedure or an illness, We have up to date monitoring equipment, an oxygen cage, and IV infusion pumps to help manage difficult medical cases.

We work closely with our clients to help solve problems such as 
inappropriate urination, aggression, separation anxiety, etc.

We see an array of species besides dogs and cats. This includes guinea pigs, rabbits and rodents.

We have a fully stocked pharmacy that includes special order products for those difficult to medicate pets! We stock Pill Pockets for improving ease of medicating as well as medications compounded into liquid or flavor tabs.

We offer an array of prescription diets from Hills, Royal Canin and 
Purina. These diets may be prescribed for your pet by one of our veterinarians based on a specific diagnosis.

One of the most rewarding medical advancements in veterinary medicine has been the development and use of more effective pain control medications. Our staff has attended many Continuing Education courses in this subject. We are now managing acute and chronic pain in more effective ways than ever before.

For that time when the final decision must be made to prevent 
your pet from suffering, we offer euthanasia services with sensitivity and compassion. For after care we use the services of Final Gift. They provide private and group cremation services to our practice with the option for a private on site cremation at their state of 
the art facility in Cranston, RI.