Our goal is to provide clients and their pets with outstanding quality veterinary care in a clean, comfortable and compassionate setting. We strive to achieve this goal by demanding the highest professional standards of our veterinarians and support staff.

We offer wellness and preventative medicine, including a vaccine program that takes into account the individual needs of the patients.

We also offer comprehensive diagnostic and therapeutic care for our sick and critically ill patients, including extended hospitalization, radiology, in-house laboratory, cardiology, surgery, dentistry and ultrasound imaging.

We are committed to making certain that our clients are offered the best possible treatment options for their pets.

Our ultimate goal is to provide expert guidance and care that will allow pet owners to make the best decisions for their beloved pets when they are young as well as sick or injured. After all, we recognize that our patients are truly members of the family.

Abbott Valley
Veterinary Center

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ASPCA Poison Control Hotline:
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