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Several of our doctors have special interest in managing skin problems and allergies. We are proud to offer the highest standard dermatology diagnostics, treatment and long term care for pets with acute and chronic skin conditions.


Dermatology is the branch of medicine that deals with the diagnosis and treatment of skin disorders. Dermatological conditions are some of the most common problems your pet can experience. They range from hair loss and nail disorders, to cancer of the skin and tumors.

Why should I consider dermatology work-ups for my pet?

Dermatology is the branch of medicine that diagnoses and treats skin disorders. A veterinary dermatologist has a very high level of expertise in diagnosing and treating a wide variety of ailments that affect the skin, hair or coat, ears, nails, hoof, or mouth problem your pet may be experiencing.

Typical problems in animals include acute and chronic ear infections, tumors, masses, atopic dermatitis, autoimmune skin diseases, cancer, cysts, tumors, chronic bacterial and fungal skin diseases, drug reactions of the skin, environmental allergies, food allergies, hair loss disorders, hormonal skin diseases, insect hypersensitivity, nail disorders, parasitic skin diseases, and skin manifestations of systemic diseases.

When should I consider dermatology work-ups for my pet?

If you’re concerned about the quality of life your pet is experiencing, or if a condition or disease has not responded to more general treatment, then it may be time to seek out a veterinary dermatologist. Common signs that something is wrong include: hair loss, redness of skin, scale, and recurring infections. A vet that specializes in dermatology has expertise with diagnosing and treating a wide variety of problems including skin, ear, hair, nail, hoof, and mouth disorders. 

How is my pet cared for during dermatology care?

Treating or managing a dermatological problem will vary, but your veterinarian will work with you in developing a treatment plan that is best suited for your pet’s specific health needs.